1-Man Auger  45.00  65.00 
Hydraulic Auger  85.00  110.00 
Block/Brick/Versalok Splitter  30.00  45.00 
Generator  50.00  65.00 
Jack Hammer – 60# Electric  45.00  65.00 
Demo/Chipping Hammer (Handheld)  35.00  45.00 
Vibrator Plate Tamper  35.00  50.00 
Appliance Dolly  10.00  15.00 

Large Rotary Hammer Drill  35.00  50.00 
Small Hammer Drill  25.00  35.00 
Floor Maintenance Tools
 Floor Maintenance  

Air Mover/Carpet Dryer  N/A  25.00 
Floor Installation
 Floor Installation  

Knee Kicker  N/A  15.00 
Linoleum Roller  N/A  15.00 
Plumbing and Pumps
 Plumbing and Pumps  

Large Electric Eel  45.00  65.00 
Chain Snap Cast Iron Pipe Cutter  N/A  25.00 
Large Electric Sump Pump, 2″ Discharge  25.00  35.00 
Pressure Washers
 Pressure Washers  

Cold Water Pressure Washer, Gas  50.00  65.00 

Chain Saw, Gas  45.00  65.00 
Cut-Off Saw, 14″ Gas  40.00  50.00 
Diamond Cut-Off Saw Blade  30.00  40.00 
Large Electric Tile Saw, 10″  45.00  65.00 
Lawn and Garden
 Lawn and Garden  

Aerator, Gas  50.00  65.00 
Brush Mower  65.00  90.00 
Hedge Trimmer, Gas  35.00  45.00 
Bed Edger  60.00  85.00 
Leaf Blower (Handheld)  20.00  30.00 
Leaf Blower (Backpack)  30.00  45.00 
Lawn Mower  25.00  40.00 
Log Splitter  50.00  75.00 
Lawn Roller  15.00  20.00 
Lawn Spreader  20.00  25.00 
Cultivator  30.00  45.00 
Rear Tine Tiller  45.00  65.00 
Sod Cutter, Gas  70.00  90.00 
Thatcher  45.00  60.00 
String Grass Trimmer  30.00  40.00 
Weed Cutter with Brush Blade  35.00  50.00 
Extended Hedge Trimmer, Gas  50.00  65.00 
Pole Pruner, Gas  50.00  65.00 
Stump Grinder  85.00  125.00 
Walk Behind Trencher (4″ x 18″)  85.00  125.00 
Loaders and Excavators
 Loaders and Excavators  

Dingo Utility Loader with Bucket  N/A  150.00 
Trencher attachment (6″ x 36″)  N/A  75.00 
Pallet forks  N/A  35.00 

*Other attachments are available for machines. Inquire at store for rates.
*Delivery and pick-up are available for equipment. Inquire at store for rates.
*Equipment is to be returned with full fuel tanks. A fuel surcharge will be applied as necessary. 

Rental Policies 

*Rental rates are charged from the time out to the time the equipment is returned.  Prompt returns will save the renter money.  Notify the store immediately if there is a problem with the equipment.

*The renter is responsible for securing the rental equipment in their vehicle, and for supplying any necessary tie-downs or restraints. Norwin Rental is not liable for any damage caused to the renters vehicle while loading, unloading, or transporting rental equipment.

*The renter is responsible for any damage to the equipment or theft of the equipment.

*Please return the equipment in clean condition. A cleaning charge may be applied to equipment returned dirty.

*Extended rental periods are available. Inquire at store for pricing.

*Rental rates are subject to change without notice.

*Rental equipment availability may vary.

*A valid PA driver’s license or photo ID is required for equipment rental.

*Renters must be at least 18 years old.

*Payment for rentals is collected at the time of the rental. Payment adjustments will be made as necessary when equipment is returned. 

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